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Welcome Ladies of All Ages

Join us for an activity of your interest, socializing, coffee and a chance to hear a bit of what is going on in the lives of other ladies in our community. Enjoy this chance to breakaway while your children are being cared for on site by our child care providers.

Bring your friends and join us every Thursday morning from 9:15 - 11:15am from February 1 - March 29.

Cost: $35 + additional costs for certain activity options 

Activity Options

When registering, you'll have an opporunity to select 1 of these 5 activity options:

- Drop Cloth Decor -


Table cloths, tote bags, aprons and more.  We will be making homemade items that can be made from a simple canvas drop cloth in a style of your choice. We will cut, sew, paint, dye and just have a fun time being crafty to make some useful and beautiful items for your home.

Breakawy Drop Cloth Decor1 Breakawy Drop Cloth Decor2Breakawy Drop Cloth Decor3

- Alpha -


Alpha is a series of interactive sessions exploring the basics of the Christian faith in an open, informal and honest space. Each session starts with a short video to get the conversation going about some of life's big questions, like who Jesus is, and how he relates to my stuff. Come and connect with others in a lively discussion, where no question is out of bounds.

- Meal Strife For The Busy Life -

COST: $10

Do you struggle with what to make for Supper? What if someone pops by around mealtime and you would like to be able to invite them in? Life is busy! Let's discover together how to be hospitable at a moments notice, while ensuring that what is on the table is delicious and nutritious!

- Rustic Crafts & Handmade Gifts -

COST: $20

Do you love to craft but find it hard to get all the supplies together? Do you love giving handmade gifts? Well then this is the interest group for you.. With many of the crafts being holiday- themed, you will have the opportunity to get started on your Christmas 'shopping' list and tackle some of those teacher's gifts and hostess gifts. Or enjoy the handmade crafts for yourself.

- Fitness Fusion -


Exercise is a great stress release, helps you sleep better and leaves you feeling strong with overall improved health.  Yoga and Pilates helps to improve flexibility, strength and posture. Cardio and Strength  training helps maintain bone density and heart health as well as increases metabolism (calorie burn!). This class will be a full body workout combining circuit training, light weights, yoga and pilates with modifications for various fitness levels. For those that have access to a matt please bring that, if not we do have some available. A water bottle is also a great idea!